About Haydock Hens


Hi, my name’s Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to read a little about Haydock Hens and how it came to be. My husband, Matthew and I decided to turn our passion for poultry into a business. Like many people, maybe even you, Matthew and I pondered the idea of rescuing hens for years. Finally, we couldn’t hold back any longer, bringing four girls’ home to join the Speakman family. My brother also got in on it and rescued two girls of his own!

After taking care of these four girls for a few months in our back garden and loving every minute of it! We came to realise, that local feed shops and the big box stores, only seemed to cater for chickens as an afterthought. They only had a minimal amount of stock on offer, most of their offering seemingly aimed at the equestrian market. Although we have nothing against Horses – no way would Matthew agree to keeping a horse in the back garden! – we longed for a shop dedicated to our passion.

Having no joy finding anything in our local area, the Haydock Hens seed had been planted in our minds. Growing slowly over time, the idea took form, taking on a life of it own. And just we weren’t able to resist the urge to rescue our girls a year earlier, we found ourselves powerless to resist once again, Haydock Hens was born!